How to Setup Your LinkedIn Profile

15 Sep 2014

Before filling out your profile and creating a company profile take a minute or two to write down a few words and phrases that you want to connect to your profile.  Keywords - (i.e. graphic design, real estate, electrician, programmer, etc).  LinkedIn works like Google in terms of SEO and your LinkedIn profile is searchable on other search engines.  The more places you can put the words that define you and your business that people would use in a search for someone like you, the better.

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What is Foursquare why should you know about it?

15 Jul 2014
Foursquare is not just a game you used to play at recess anymore.  It is also a location based social networking application that is worth paying attention to.  As of December 2013, there are over 45 million people on Foursquare with over 1.5 billion total check-ins and millions more every day.  As far as businesses go, there are over 1.3 million using the Merchant Platform (i.e. they have claimed and are managing their location).
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7 Steps to Get You Started With Social Media

15 Apr 2014
So you’re on board, you want to ride that social media train.  Perhaps you aren’t too sure where to start or maybe you are on your way, but not sure where you are going.  Here are a few steps, 7 to be exact, to help you along the way.
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Timeline for Pages! Facebook changes again. What should you know?

9 Mar 2012
Facebook has recently launched Timeline for Pages.  It is a similar layout to the Timeline we now see on all our personal profiles but the functionality is just perfect for businesses.  You can either choose to embrace the changes now, or wait until March 30, 2012 when Facebook will automatically switch every Page to the new Timeline.
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